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Bourne Antiques

Bourne Antiques is a privately owned business that sells antiques through the internet, over the phone, and at antique shows. The owner, Kathy Bourne, has been interested in antiques since she was a little girl helping out her mother and father's antique business. Bourne Antiques is also a family business with Kathy's daughter, Kelly, helping out at antique shows and maintaining the web site. Bourne Antiques operates out of Sugar Land, TX. One of the main antique shows that Bourne Antiques attends semi-annually is the Marburger Antique show in Warrenton, TX. Dates and times of all antique shows will be posted for your convenience.

Our inventory changes daily, so the items contained in this web site may not be up to date. If you are interested in any items, or don't see what you are looking for, click on the "Registration & Order Form" to inform us of your needs.

Bourne Antiques GUARANTEES that all descriptions of products are 100% correct. We have ordered many items through the internet, and we have been very hesitant in getting into the antique market via the internet due to the poor quality of services. There is no telling how many times we have ordered products that were described as "mint," and we received the item with ware, pits, dints, and other price reducing damage. If for some reason the product you receive is not as we described it, we will refund your money and give you a credit on your next order for the amount you spent on shipping it back to us. Bourne Antiques is here to serve you and make your antique buying experience pleasant and enjoyable.